Friday, May 8, 2009

Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

70% of minors who have tried prescription drugs admit to getting them from their parent or family member. Although prescription drugs, especially pain killers, are regulated by the government, it is extremely important for them to be regulated at home also.
There are going to be instances where the use of painkillers or other addictive prescription medications are necessary and if used responsibly, don't pose a problem. However, once the need for the drugs has passed and they are no longer necessary, drugs such as these should be disposed of and disposed of properly.
Here are some top-of-mind ideas for disposing of drugs responsibly to minimize the chance of these highly addictive drugs getting into the wrong hands:

1. Mix medicines in a sealable plastic bag with water and coffee grounds, kitty litter or sawdust, which speeds their decomposition.

2. Double bag it and throw it in your household garbage.

3. Destroy prescription labels or other information.

Keeping drugs lying around for no reason is not responsible and can lead to negative, even destructive, consequences. If the temptation is not there, the problem will not be either. Many pharmacies also offer a Safe Drug Disposal Program. Check locally in your area.

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