Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Ken,

My name is Leon G., I reside in Memphis, TN and wanted to write to you and share how your services have given me a new life. I called to speak witha coordinator in April 2007, regarding my mothers addiction to pain pills and opiates. I was a regular viewer of your show and for some reason felt an urge to reach to you guys for help.

I spoke with Jeffrey and explained the unmanageability and pain my mothers addiction was causing her and us as a family. We talked for a solid hour as he discussed the co-dependencies, disease and the solutions that intervention 911 could assist with in getting her into treatment. Jeffrey coordinated a discussion with the family members that had the same concerns as I, via e tel-conference. We all left that conversation with allot of questions and fears that it may be to late for my mother to get treatment. A week or so later my grandma passed and I flew to Utah where she resided and we had an informal intervention, not able to facilitate the one with intervention 911 as planned. I called Jeffrey and explained the circumstances with my grandma passing and asked for some direction into getting her into treatment. Jeffrey was able to get someone to agree to much needed discount and had an interventionist fly in that night.

Nancy was picked up and escorted my mother to treatment in San Diego at scripps. (Jeffrey can explain in further detail the extra lengths he and nancy went to to facilitate her acceptance into a hospital). A few weeks later I flew to San Diego to go through a "family"week as they explained the treatment process, disease concept and what recovery and aftercare was. I knew when I got there that I had an ongoing problem using drugs. I asked allot of questions and had been to a couple Naranon meetings before the trip. Her counselor gave her several recommendations and the one that stood out the most to me was 90 meetings in 90 days. I flew home a few day later to take those suggestions myself.

My first NA meeting i had been clean 15 days and picked up a white key tag. Fearful of what was to come I was told to keep coming back, That the program worked if i worked it. I made 96 meetings in 90 days, got a sponsor and jumped head first into the fellowship of recovering addicts in NA. Today words cant describe the gratitude I have for the clear message of hope that Jeffrey told me about. I have worked really hard in my recovery thus far, completing my first 12 steps, being involved with the area service committee and celebrate 2 years tonight at my homegroup.

I wanted to write to you direct and let you know that this story was the start of my process in finding a new way to live. That the services intervention 911, and the people associated with making sure that a hopeless and desperate addict can stop using, loose the desire to use and experience a new way to live really work. I am interested into giving back my experience and wanting to pursue a career within this field and who knows?, maybe a member of your team. Thanks so much for all the hard work you and your team do, It has made a difference in my life and believe that it can make a difference in others to.

With gratitude,


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