Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Al-Anon Journey Series Introduction

One of the most important elements of an intervention is FAMILY. Besides being physically part of the intervention, the family plays a huge role in helping their loved one stay sober. I do want to clarify though, that the choice to get and stay healthy is always a choice that only the addict can make. However, in an effort to support the addict in their recovery and to give recovery every opportunity to be long-lasting, the family themselves needs to take their own steps toward healthier living. In every intervention that takes place, the family is not just encouraged, but asked to COMMIT to participating in a wonderful little program called Al-Anon.

Recently I was a part of an intervention on someone very close to me. The intervention itself did more than I ever expected it to: it showed me how destructive and unhealthy my life had become. Alcoholism and drug addiction do not just affect the addict; as the addiction progresses, so does the level of unhealthiness within the family unit. So... upon realizing this and being truly appalled at the state of affairs in my own life, I have embarked on a new journey: Al-Anon. I have been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for nearly 5 years and have realized only recently that I am not just an alcoholic, but also quite codependent.

I will begin documenting my journey, my progress and in the process, hopefully reaching out to other family members who may be in the same situation. Look for more installments on a regular basis as we go through this journey together...

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Dana said...

I'm very interested to hear more about and follow this. Both of my parents and my siblings suffer from addictions of various types and degrees. I am at a point where I am beginning to realize what a destructive force it has been on my own life, even as an adult. Thanks for sharing your journey!