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This is happening ev

This is happening everyday.. Please get help 866-888-4911 Signs to look for:

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See you on Monday at 9/8c for the “One Man Rehab” #intervention special!

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22 hours on planes..

22 hours on planes... Great to be home but soooo happy to help another family..... Love this work..

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Ex-Marine gets life for drug deal killing

Intervening in an addict’s life before a drug deal goes horribly wrong is one of the goal’s of Intervention 911. Sitting back and watching someone self-destruct from addiction is a one way trip to jails, institutions or worse yet, death.

Look at this article I found regarding an EX-Marine who took his addiction too far. He killed another man over a laptop computer.

Thinking “this could never happen,” is the biggest mistake family members make, leaving life altering consequences to shatter lives – some decisions cannot be reversed. Whether this man suffered from PTSD, which is very common amongst people who served in the military or if drugs played a major role in his decision making, perhaps this incident could have been prevented.

This story is so sad, if you know someone who needs help – please call us. All information is kept confidential; we specialize in all addictions and help all people: military, dual diagnosis, teenager, elderly, stay at home parents, single people, etc. Remember the disease of addiction does not discriminate. / 866-888-4911

Story by: The Associated Press

Ex-Marine gets life for Calif. drug deal killing

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A former Marine who served in Iraq has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing a California man to collect money owed for a drug debt.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office says former Cpl. Ramon Hernandez was sentenced Monday for shooting David Pettigrew.

Prosecutors say two other Camp Pendleton Marines gave Pettigrew a laptop computer in exchange for an ounce of cocaine.

When the victim failed to give them the drugs, Anthony Vigeant (vih-ZHANT') and Trevor Landers recruited Hernandez to help collect the laptop.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to murder and two robbery counts and testified against them at trial. Hernandez served two tours in Iraq and suffered severe brain injuries in a 2004 bombing.

Posted By: Ken Seeley – Founder – Intervention 911

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Tools For Prevention

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food and even bad relationships are a fact of life. Reaching out early to children and teenagers is a key to prevention to all types of problems and addictions they will encounter throughout their lives.

What is an effective way to reach out? There is a wonderful website full of information and designed to help kids and teenagers who may be struggling with addiction or know someone who is an addict. has so many necessary tools to help provide the knowledge they need to cope with pressure and be able to relate to other young people their age.

Sometimes it is so hard to watch our children, nieces, nephews or young people we love struggle with issues that seem important at their age level. As adults, getting through to them can be difficult; utilizing tools and learning to communicate about drugs and dangerous behaviors is important towards building a foundation of love, trust and understanding at home – or in developing a relationship with a child or teen we have in our life.

Look at this website:, it is full of so many wonderful ways to inform our young people on how to deal with pressure on many levels. The website has:

How to deal with peer pressure
Self acceptance
Teasing and bullying
Facts about drugs
Options to speak or hear others – audio and visual
Links to get help

There is much more! What a wonderful tool, prevention is the solution! Pass this website on, it is clever, fun and informative – most of all it could change the outcome of at least one young persons life and that is a start towards winning the war on drugs. You can never have to much information or knowledge to make a positive change!

If you know a family in crisis or a young person who needs help, please call for a free consultation with one of our specialist or visit our website:

866-888-4911 /

Posted by:
Ken Seeley – Founder – Intervention 911

It is no fun being s

It is no fun being sick...

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Russia urges tougher U.S.-led action on Afghan drugs

Look at this story regarding heroin use in Russia. Drug addiction has no boundaries, does not need a passport and is worldwide. It is alarming that 90% of heroin sold worldwide comes from Afghanistan.

The UN is coming together to help support Russia in its efforts to stop the export of Heroin and implement a solution in fighting Heroin addiction in public schools. Heroin has been an epidemic for many years and does not seem to be getting any better. Read this article I found on the Reuters website:

Russia urges tougher U.S.-led action on Afghan drugs Tue Sep 8, 2009

Website: quotes from Russia's drug enforcement agency)
Story By: Denis Dyomkin

Up to 2.5 million Russians are drug addicts

Drug use contributes to demographic problem

Russia urges U.S.-led forces to stem Afghan drugs

Students may face tests

MOSCOW, Sept 8 (Reuters) - High drug use among Russia's youth is a threat to national security, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

With Russia the world's top consumer of Afghan heroin, the head of its drug enforcement agency also called on U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan to do more to stem the flow of drugs.

"The young age of drug users is a threat to the country's national security, a serious challenge to the health of the nation and to the already extremely complicated demographic situation," Medvedev said.

Russia already faces a shrinking population because of poor diet, smoking and heavy drinking. Russian men have an average life expectancy of 59 years, far lower than in western Europe.

A declining population, coupled with serious health problems, would undermine Russia's economy by reducing the size of its workforce." Experts believe the real number of (drug) users ranges between 2 million and 2.5 million," Medvedev told a meeting of top officials who make up Russia's Security Council." This is almost two percent of Russian citizens, and the most dangerous thing is that two thirds of this number are youths aged less than 30," he said.

Official data show that some 30,000 drug users, aged 28 on average, die in Russia each year. This compares to a total of around 15,000 dead in the far more populous Soviet Union lost during the whole of its Afghan war in 1979-89.


Alarmed by the drug trade and concerned about a spread of hardline Islamist militancy into the former Soviet Central Asian republics, Russia has taken some steps towards cooperating with the United States in the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan.

It has allowed the United States to move supplies through Russian territory and is looking at ways of increasing international cooperation to stem the heroin trade."One just cannot fight this monster alone," Viktor Ivanov, head of Russia's drug enforcement agency, told reporters." This is why we believe that as long as we support this (U.S.-led) operation conducted there, we have the right to expect that these forces will fight to destroy these drugs."

U.N. data show that Afghanistan's opium harvest totalled 6,900 tonnes, down from 7,700 tonnes in 2008. But this year's crop still accounts for some 90 per cent of the world's supply. The United Nations believes traders are hoarding stockpiles, perhaps as much as 10,000 tonnes, or double the annual illicit demand for the drug.

Medvedev said Russia was still lacking a nationwide anti-drug strategy and pressed for tougher punishment against those involved in drug-related crimes. Testing students in all Russian educational institutions for drug addiction could be introduced, Medvedev said.

Ivanov said Russia's anti-drug strategy would ready in the first half of next year."Greater punishment will also be applied for corruption crimes linked to the illegal drug trade... as well as for crimes linked to laundering cash from drug sales," Medvedev said. (Writing by Dmitry Solovyov;
Editing by Myra MacDonald)

Posted By: Ken Seeley – Founder – Intervention 911


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The Recovery Project

The Recovery Project Rally is THIS Saturday in NYC! Don’t miss the free @Smokey_Robinson concert!

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Happy Labor Day!! Of

Happy Labor Day!! Off on a boat in Tampa Bay today... Hope your all with loved ones..

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Follow me on Twitter all day Sept.12 from NYC at the Recovery Rally. Please tell your friends that want to celebrate recovery or support recovery from addiction to come out to the event this month, Recovery Month. Forward this to everyone.. Expecting over 10k people, don’t miss out

No one should die be

No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. We are only as strong as the weakest among us. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.

Follow me on Twitter

Follow me on Twitter all day Sept.12 from NYC at the Recovery Rally. Please tell your friends that want to celebrate recovery or support recovery from addiction to come out to the event this month, Recovery Month. Forward this to everyone.. Expecting over 10k people, don’t miss out

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Just got back to LA

Just got back to LA last night and heading back to FL tonight... Redeye yuck...

Back to School!


It is back to school time for many kids and adults of all ages. It was a nice summer break but now it’s time to hit the books! For students, school can be very stressful. Between studies, social interaction and the demands of others, students are susceptible to turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with some of these pressures.

It is often thought that peer pressure can play a major role in encouraging the use of alcohol and drugs for high school and college age students. Coupled with the other pressures students face, they can often times become addicted – thus sabotaging their chance of success in school.

Please read the article below to see what steps you can take to help a loved one with an addiction. It is interesting to see how the students are responding to pressure from peers and family to get help at a greater level than those students who are not. We see this with interventions all the time. When families get together under the direction of a professional, credentialed interventionist, the act itself helps move the addict to their rock bottom so they decide to get help for themselves

Article from: CARON

A new study suggests pressure from friends and parents plays a stronger role than previously believed in motivating college students to seek help for a substance use disorder. Overall, very few college students with substance use disorders seek help. But that percentage rises significantly among those who get pressure from their friends, peers or parents about their drinking or drug use

The study was conducted by investigators from the Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR) at the University of Maryland, College Park, and published on-line in July by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. Amelia Arria, Ph.D., the study’s lead investigator, is also a senior scientist at the Treatment Research Institute (TRI), a non-profit research development group dedicated to science-driven information of policy and practice in substance abuse. Behavioral Health Central recently interviewed Dr. Arria about the study and how the results might be used to help increase the number of young adults who receive help for a substance use disorder during their critical and formative college years. To listen to or read this report, click here.Today and every Monday, look to BHC for your weekly update of content from Mental Health Weekly Digest – a comprehensive summary of research and behavioral healthcare news from around the world. You’ll find it posted to Clinical News and corresponding Conditions and Disorders.

POSTED BY: Ken Seeley – Founder – Intervention
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