Monday, September 21, 2009

Tools For Prevention

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food and even bad relationships are a fact of life. Reaching out early to children and teenagers is a key to prevention to all types of problems and addictions they will encounter throughout their lives.

What is an effective way to reach out? There is a wonderful website full of information and designed to help kids and teenagers who may be struggling with addiction or know someone who is an addict. has so many necessary tools to help provide the knowledge they need to cope with pressure and be able to relate to other young people their age.

Sometimes it is so hard to watch our children, nieces, nephews or young people we love struggle with issues that seem important at their age level. As adults, getting through to them can be difficult; utilizing tools and learning to communicate about drugs and dangerous behaviors is important towards building a foundation of love, trust and understanding at home – or in developing a relationship with a child or teen we have in our life.

Look at this website:, it is full of so many wonderful ways to inform our young people on how to deal with pressure on many levels. The website has:

How to deal with peer pressure
Self acceptance
Teasing and bullying
Facts about drugs
Options to speak or hear others – audio and visual
Links to get help

There is much more! What a wonderful tool, prevention is the solution! Pass this website on, it is clever, fun and informative – most of all it could change the outcome of at least one young persons life and that is a start towards winning the war on drugs. You can never have to much information or knowledge to make a positive change!

If you know a family in crisis or a young person who needs help, please call for a free consultation with one of our specialist or visit our website:

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Ken Seeley – Founder – Intervention 911

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