Monday, April 13, 2009

Success Story and Thank You

Fabian was an intervention that Ken Seeley did for the A&E show,"Intervention".
Here is what Fabian says, in his own words...

"It has a been a long road to recovery. I'm here to be of service. It is possible. I used to shoot up daily. I was officially hooked. Thanks to an INTERVENTION by Ken Seeley I find myself with more confidence.
Don't get me wrong I'm still fragile and have some shitty days but it gets better. We have a disease, in unity we can fight it. Alone you will eventually will only lead to doom. Discontent, feeling suicidal is a terrible roller coaster of misery. I live in Sober Living in Venice, CA with available beds. I'm here because I care for the suffering addict.

Words will never be enough for the gratitude and patience you offered. I ranted, fought my sobriety. Thanks to you and the Lord I'm in a better place. "


Below, watch a clip from the episode of "Intervention" featuring Fabian.

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