Monday, August 24, 2009

“Labor Day DUI Crackdown Begins Today”

The summer is in full affect for many, drunk driving happens all to often. Buzzed driving is drunk driving. City officials are cracking down and there is a no tolerance level of drinking and getting behind the wheel. All too often I am involved with families where drinking has destroyed someone they love and a DUI or a fatal accident has ripped their life apart.

Read this article about DUI’s and if you or someone you love is going to drink and drive, think again, DUI’s are very hard and expensive to resolve and can potentially kill you or an innocent person or a child. Having an intervention planned by family members is much easier than one enforced by the law. Developing a bottom for an alcoholic is much more effective than identifying their body at the morgue. At Intervention 911 we can help: 1-800-905-7655.

“Labor Day DUI Crackdown Begins Today”

Written By: Mike Morris
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Labor Day weekend is still two weeks away, but a statewide “Operation Zero Tolerance” holiday crackdown on drunk drivers begins today.
The crackdown, which runs through Labor Day, is being run in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety’s “100 Days of Summer HEAT” campaign. HEAT stands for Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic.

“The sad fact is one out of three of our fatal highway crashes in Georgia each year is caused by impaired drivers,” said Bob Dallas, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. “And every one of those tragic alcohol-related deaths is completely preventable.”

During the next two weeks, officers will be issuing no warnings to impaired drivers, officials said. “We even warn motorists what days to watch out for blue lights,” Dallas said. “We hope every driver will pay attention to our enforcement warning.”

Posted by Ken Seeley – Founder – Intervention 911

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