Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Volunteering in the Community with Ken Seeley Recovery Community

In our efforts to help de-stigmatize addiction, and also promote recovery, Ken Seeley Recovery Community volunteers at the Palm Springs Street fair every Thursday. Volunteering visibly in the community helps the general public understand the difference between an active addict, and an addict in recovery. The guests at KSRC have built a relationship with some of the vendors at the fair who need extra help because of their age or physical ailments. Every week the vendors booths get setup on time by addicts in recovery; this helps the community understand that in recovery we can be reliable and responsible. A key piece of KSRC's volunteer regiment is wearing our "Recovery at Work" shirts. By wearing our shirts, we make ourselves easily accessible for requests from vendors and also for questions from the public regarding addiction or recovery. Just last week a young lady approached one of the guests because of their shirt. Through talking with one of the KSRC guests, the young lady ended up discovering that there is a solution to her struggle with addiction, and also made plans to attend her first AA convention with the house. Reaching addicts who are still struggling, and helping our community, that is truly "Recovery at Work".

Rich Dow, i911 Director of Services supervising the KSRC guests.

Guests unloading a root beer wagon for a vendor!

Recovery at work!

Recovery at Work shirt!


Rich Dow said...

It has been really amazing to get to know these people, and provide some altruistic help. The people we help at the street fair have come to know us and rely upon our help. When we show up in our shirts, they yell, "there they are, thank God".In the beggining, most were scepikal of "free help, no strings attached", but after showing up EVERY Thursday for 6 months now, we make more and more friends, and it is really binding our mission with the community, one person at a time..I highly recommend volunteering in your own community, a little time goes a long way!

Rich Dow said...


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Dallas said...

Thanks for the info. Dealing with addiction can be hard and you should have an intervention ken seeley for people you love when they need the extra help.

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