Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heroes In Recovery 6k Run

The guests at Ken Seeley Recovery Community recently had the opportunity to volunteer at the Heroes in Recovery 6k run in Palm Springs. The guests woke up bright and early to help set up and direct the race through the Las Palmas neighborhood. Everyone from KSRC really enjoyed getting involved in some amazing service work at the event. Heroes in Recovery and Ken Seeley Recovery Community happen to share the same beliefs about recovery; it needs to be fun! That being said, the staff at KSRC loves the message Heroes in Recovery conveys in regards to becoming open and honest in a public manner about what recovery looks like. Movements like Heroes in Recovery are a fantastic way to educate the public and begin to de-stigmatize addiction. It was amazing to see so many interesting people from all walks of life at the run that were all brought together based on one common bond. The staff and guests are all looking forward to the next Heroes in Recovery event!

 Volunteers setting up for the race!

 Runners getting ready for the event.

Volunteer at the halfway mark.

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Rich D said...

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be of service at this event, and "bright and early" was 5:30am on site to help!!I met some amazing people and was inspired by their dedication to the "Recovery Community". I will certainly be at the next event representing the pride of the KSRC Family!!