Monday, August 2, 2010

Hi Kevin,It's hard t

Hi Kevin,It's hard to believe it's been a week since Mike agreed to go to treatment. I know we wouldn't have got him help without you guys. Evan said you like feedback and that there was an email address we could address that to. I tried to look online for it but was unable to find it. I want to thank you for helping to set this all up and working so patiently with me. You'll never know how much you helped me emotionally as we set this up. I appreciate so much your gentleness and kindness as we worked through the difficulties. I especially thank you for sending Evan to us. Our whole family has fallen in love with him, and have no doubt you sent us the best. He truly is amazing. He truly was so focused on helping Michael, He was very professional, but at the same time very personable. He put us at ease right away. He always took time to address our concerns, keep us informed of where we were in the process, never left us for a minute the entire time, yet at the same time knew what to do when all the doors seemed to be shutting for us. He never acted like this was not going well, or that it was hopeless. He persisted and pursued no matter what. God has blessed him with an incredible ability to help people and to know exactly what to do when, and to not give up. I never saw anybody multitask like Evan. He was focused on Michael, the family, the situations arising , the obstacles all at the same time keeping his cool. We will never forget you, Evan and Intervention 911.I would recommend you all without reservation. Your organization is amazing. We will be forever grateful for you helping to save our son's life. I don't think a price tag can be put on the services you offer. It was well worth every cent and more. Everything is so well organized and you are so helpful and comforting. I will forever thank the Lord for directing us to Intervention 911. Kathy

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