Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is what i think

This is what i think about this!! State says this lessens disease and helps with decreasing Overdosing: This is treating a symptom of the disease of addiction not to disease it self. This is not like giving out condoms at local bar to reduce spread of venereal disease or HIV. Heroin is an ILLEAGLE substance the last time I checked One of many reasons I am against it is: It gives the addict permission to go further into their addiction. Example, I am a recovering addict and one of the things I was totally against was trying Heroin, THAT is a REAL drug addict. I only do meth. Not very logical but fact. If I was giving “HOW TO DO HEROIN MANUAL” from the STATE??? It would be my permission slip to start doing heroin… Let’s say I was already into my addiction to Heroin as the State is addressing for those addicts. 1st I would have a great argument if I had to go in front of a judge, look I was just following your recommendations on how to. 2nd We are not addressing the root of the problem, these people are suffering from a medical disease. “Addiction”. We are helping them stay sick and showing them ways to keep the addiction alive. My recommendation would be 2 things: 1st Educate the public on signs to look for if you have a loved one or employee that suffers from Heroin addiction. Give them the signs; give them the behaviors of an addict in that pamphlet. 2nd Then give them to tools necessary to guide that person to “TREATMENT”. You can not make the person suffering from addiction go to treatment but you can Guide them. That is my job work with the family, the environment on guiding the addict to go to treatment and start a life of recovery from this disease of addiction. If the addict’s choice is to not accept treatment then this pamphlet can advise the family/environment surrounding the addict on how to get local authorities involved. Calling the police in assisting us in guiding the addict to treatment. GREAT INFORMATION FOR A PAMPLET The last time I checked HERION is an ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN NY. Then plead with the judge to mandate DRUG COURT. This is an amazing program that NY and most every state has. If the addict choose is to stay in the addiction then once DRUG COURT is mandated they will have to see what it is like to pay that consequence. IT has an amazing success rate. Dr. diversion programs, lawyers assistance programs, pilot recovery programs.. ALL have statistics on SUCCESS.. Why wouldn’t we be focused on helping educate the people on what works.. They tried this route in the past with Methadone clinics for heroin abuse. I do interventions on people addicted to Methadone and do your research in this county most treatment centers for addiction will not detox off methadone. It is to dangerous. Another similar situation we are dealing with is the War on Drugs. Again spend those millions of dollars on Treatment and Recovery. If we do not have the demand because our addicts are in recovery we will not have to fight this war on supply into USA. That’s for another time… but I am sorry I do not agree with this tactic just in case you were not clear..

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What I think about it said...

I agree on alot of what you said.

People use for many reasons and getting to the core of the problem is the only way out. The addicts behaviors have to change. It's that simple.

Great blog. My eyes got a little blurry with the white letters and black background.:)