Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping the Ball Rolling

By Lisa. M. WenDell, Intervention Coordinator, i911

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Sometimes when I am working with a family, I find myself in a situation where the addict is in desperate need of help but naturally doesn’t want it, the family is financially able to do an intervention and the treatment center has been selected, but the intervention is not moving forward. We are stalled. Why? Most likely fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of more regret over failed attempts to “do the right thing” for the addict in the past or fear of the intervention “not working”.

I love analogies and I liken this situation to bowling, specifically bowling with children, only because in this game there are bumpers. Addiction, alcoholism or any other destructive behavior is the line of bowling pins. The love and unity of the family is the bowling ball. Intervention911 are the bumpers on the side. The only thing that needs to happen is for the ball to keep rolling.

Addiction is a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who has the mistaken assumption that addiction can be overcome with willpower or strong determination has never found themselves in the throes of addiction or watched a loved one slowly die from this debilitating disease. There are few things that can conquer it. Love alone cannot tear it down, time will not heal it and allowing the addiction to “run its course” is not the solution. However, an intervention seems to roll all these into one: with the love of the family and friends of the addict plus the rapid presentation of consequences (in fact, speeding up the natural course of addiction), there is hope.

The bowling ball represents this hope. When a family unites together, decides they will no longer sit back and watch the disease progress and stands against the addiction, there is a powerful strength created. Sounds simple, right? Enter the bumpers.

Intervention911’s team of coordinators, professionals, interventionists and specialists are the bumpers that keep the ball on track. They are able to keep the family focused, prevent and eliminate obstacles and tackle anything standing in the way of the addict’s life being saved through the process of intervention. Without that team, a family can expect a gutter ball most of the time. I911 gently guides the family down the lane and stays committed until the “pins” of addiction are knocked down.

When I think of an intervention as a bowling analogy it all makes perfect sense. However, as I said, there are those situations where the process isn’t moving forward, for one reason or another. The solution is to keep the ball rolling. Once a family can trust the i911 team and let go of the ball, a change is bound to happen. Th ball makes it’s way toward the pins and the bumpers keep the ball on track. One way or another , there will be a result. The only fear that should be crippling a family in crisis is the FEAR OF DOING NOTHING. Dwight Eisenhower said “the best thing you can do is the right thing, the second best thing you can do is the wrong thing and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” I wholeheartedly agree.

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