Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Ken...

A note from a family member we worked with, which speaks to the effectiveness and overall positive results that were created by doing an intervention.

I would just like to thank Ken for his support and dedication to his
job. It is 5 months since our intervention with Ken and I am proud to
say my husband has been in treatment for 14 days. Ken brought me the
education I needed, the best treatment facility and a caring ear to listen.
Thanks to Ken, my sons will get their father back and I will have my
husband back. Ken is a credit to his profession and the compassion and
support he gives a client goes above and beyond. His dedication to
helping others is amazing. I will always be grateful and advise anyone
who doubts the power of an intervention, then you haven't had it
done by the best. Everyone has a bottom and Ken helped me through that
process. What is the other alternative, death? Ken keep doing what you
do best, one intervention at a time.

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